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Finding a perfect chair is like finding a life partner. Does it fit your style? Does it make you happy? Does it provide the support you need? Is it affordable? There's a right chair for each home. Let's find yours!

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Shops from a range of Lounge Chairs, Dining Chairs, Poufs, Benches, Bar Stools & Bar Chairs & Stools.

Nothing brings a room together than a few well-placed chairs. However, choosing the right chair is not an easy task. It's just like finding a life partner. There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing the right chair. Does it fit your style, does it make you happy, does it provide you the support you need, will it grow old with you.

What's the right chair for your home that suits your style

Lounge Chair: If comfort & relaxation after a long day of work is what you are looking for, lounge chairs are the answer. Or perhaps you simply want to snuggle and read your favourite book in the corner. With relatively bigger sizes, lounge chairs provide ample space to cuddle up with your loved ones and enjoy a cosy evening. This unique and bold extra seat in your living room is as comfortable as charming.
Dining Chair: Everyone needs a dining chair! It must be sturdy and comfortable for you to sit and overeat your meals in peace. Choose from a wide range of wooden chairs for your dining room: high or low backs, with armrests or without, upholstered seats and bare ones, and much more. If you want to mix things up, opt for accent chairs that can double as dining chairs when your dinner party expands without warning. The art of decorating your home is a complex and never-ending process, so we curated this collection to make the process a little easier. Pouf: Add a touch of warmth in your space with cosy poufs. These are versatile and can be used in living room, bedroom, study, balcony or kids' room, giving an instant sense of casual comfort. They are also cool, stylish and portable due to their small size and weight.
Stools, Bar Stools & Bar Chairs: Whether it is your love for a contemporary home or your love for eating at the kitchen counter or more importantly drinking at the bar table, these high stools and chairs are the way to go! Stylish and chic, they stand up to 110 cm high and come in various styles and colours to suit your home. Remember, the seat of your stool should be around 25 cm lower than your table top and counter stools are shorter than bar stools.
Dining benches: They are in trend now and we couldn't love the idea more. For homes in Singapore where space it limited, it makes perfect sense to substitute dining chairs on one side with a bench. If your dining table runs along a wall, there's no hassle of pulling the table in front for people to get in. Not only are dining benches practical, they also make the dining area very chic and hip. Like these reasons weren't enough, there's another advantage of getting a dining bench instead of dining chairs. Two dining chairs can accommodate only two people, mostly. With a dining bench, you can squeeze in maybe one or two people more! Yay to big families!

A well designed chair is a great addition to a home to create that complete look! We hope you'd love your chair as much as we do!

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