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Did you know you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping? That's a pretty crazy ratio, if you ask us. Since you spend so much time sleeping, its essential to find a mattress that will keep you sleeping soundly and freshen your mind and body after as well.

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  • LEVITATE Mattress - Image 2 LEVITATE Mattress - Image 1

    LEVITATE Mattress

    RM 2599

    Typical retail RM 6299
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  • DREAM Mattress - Image 2 DREAM Mattress - Image 1

    DREAM Mattress

    RM 1699

    Typical retail RM 4499
    FREE Delivery
  • SLEEP Mattress - Image 2 SLEEP Mattress - Image 1

    SLEEP Mattress

    RM 1199

    Typical retail RM 3299
    FREE Delivery
  • Downtime Mattress - Image 2 Downtime Mattress - Image 1

    Downtime Mattress

    RM 999

    Typical retail RM 2699

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Get quality rest and sleep well with our affordable, premium quality mattresses!

Mattresses are THE key to sound sleep, especially after a long hardday at work. If you're not sleeping well, your mattress probably doesn't match your sleeping position, and it's high time you should change it! By shopping for mattresses online, you can see the details of your mattress with the ease and convenience of being in your own home. We know how important it is for you to be well rested everyday, so remember to choose wisely before committing to one.

Tips on choosing the right mattress for yourself

To decide what kind of mattress to buy, just take note of what kind of sleeper you are! Side sleepers should sleep on softer mattresses, while front sleepers should rest on medium firm mattresses. If you are a back sleeper, orthopaedic and firm mattresses will be great for you.
Levitate: Our highly raved Levitate mattresses are perfect for all kinds of sleepers. Achieve quality sleep and "levitate" into maximum comfort as if you're really floating above and beyond the clouds with Levitate!
Dream: As the name of the mattress suggests, we know how important our dreams could affect our sleep and performance the very next day. Known for its firm quality and ability to provide you with just the right amount of comfort, get ready to soar into your wonderful dreamland with Dream!
Sleep: Manufactured with back sleepers' needs in mind, Sleep provides maximum firmness along with Downtime. For back sleepers looking to achieve just the right amount of comfort for your sleep, this would be an ideal option.
Downtime: Downtime is known for providing maximum firmness for back sleepers, with adequate comfort to get your good night rest!

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