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Find lots of new things at HipVan, everyday. All our things have only one thing in common - to help you create an inspiring home. What matters to you matters to us. Stylish designs, quality products and fair prices. Which is why we're seeking high and low to find you the best products from all over the world.

  • Gianna by HipVan Gianna by HipVan
    Gianna by HipVan
    9 products
  • Dakota by HipVan Dakota by HipVan
    Dakota by HipVan
    17 products
  • Tilda by HipVan Tilda by HipVan
    Tilda by HipVan
    20 products
  • Silas by HipVan Silas by HipVan
    Silas by HipVan
    10 products
  • Neil by HipVan Neil by HipVan
    Neil by HipVan
    9 products
  • Maeve by HipVan Maeve by HipVan
    Maeve by HipVan
    13 products

Buy New online in Singapore

Buy New Arrival Furniture Online in Malaysia

Shop new furniture for living room, dining room, bedroom & home furnishings online.

We are forever on a quest to find new, interesting and practical furniture. Keep checking this space for our new arrivals. Be it trendy furniture for your home, space saving furniture, multi functional furniture, designer replica furniture or stylish home furnishings, we've got you covered. Spice up your home with latest furniture, with just a click.
There's a famous saying and we are a big fan of it - Home is where the furniture is. Our home and furniture, both are in Singapore & Malaysia. Furniture for living room, furniture for dining room, furniture for bedroom, furniture for storage; you name it we have it. We carry a wide range of furniture online, but that has never been a priority over our quality. We take pride in our furniture quality, like how parents take pride when their kid talks for the first time. We also ensure that we are affordable as we believe that beautiful homes should be available to everyone.

Furniture online? How does that work?

Buying furniture in itself is a big step most time; buying furniture online seems an even bigger step. But it is a step everyone should take. Why? Because furniture online is more affordable than the furniture in retail store due to no rental cost. Furniture online is easy to look at different options and compare a few models to choose the one you love. Furniture online is convenient to order and there is no hassle of arranging delivery as we would do that for you for absolutely no cost. Free shipping!

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