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Home is where you can truly relax and be yourself. So we have sofas and armchairs that you can sink into, lounge and not worry about a thing. Create a home that expresses your style by choosing a HipVan sofa that fits your personality.

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We treat our living room as a sacred place. A place where even our bosses can't reach us. It's where we kick back and relax, watch Game of Thrones, play Pictionary with friends and catch that quintessential afternoon nap on a warm Singapore weekend. If this sounds like something you'd do, then you know that living room is the most integral part of a home. It tells a story on its own and reflects your home's personality and yours.

It's your house, your living room. You're kinda like a King. And what does a king need? A perfect throne! So we hereby conclude, your living room needs a perfect sofa!

Three things to look out for when buying your sofa - Size, Comfort & Style

Size: By now, you probably know whether you're looking for a 2-seater sofa or a full family 3-seater sofa. If not, think about it now... Great! Next, pull out a measuring tape and note the length and breadth of the available space. This will help you avoid no-space-to-walk disasters.
Comfort: You may have enough space to walk, but if you don't have a comfortable sofa to sit, it's pretty much a disaster too. Comfort for everyone is different. Some of us prefer to sit on the floor! So decide if you want the sofa to be soft where you and your family can just sink in? Or you want it more firm for you to lie down?
Style: When those guests do come over, you'd want the sofa to emit rays of your style. Do you want those rays to be Rustic Red that contrasts with your white walls? Or will it be Classic Cream to blend in with the décor? Does it match your style of modern, contemporary, mid-century, minimalist or classic theme?

Once you have decided on these attributes and price range, it becomes substantially less daunting to look for sofa online. You'll thank us later.

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