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With your stylish shoes, you'll definitely need a stylish shoe rack to store them! Made with your needs in mind, our shoe racks are bound to help you save space and declutter as well. Just take a look here!
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    Faber Shoe Cabinet - Grey
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    Faber Shoe Cabinet - Light Green
    RM 1199
    Typical retail RM 2019
    Ships in 2 weeks
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If you have a shoe obsession, we’re willing to bet that you don’t have enough shoe storage for your entire collection. Hide your clutter and utilities away with stylish cabinet storage systems and keep your house shoes organised and off the floor with something from our shoe racks & cabinets collection. By using slanted shelve storage system, it does not restrict space and maximises the number of shoes that can be placed into the rack. With five of these slanted shelves, there is sure to be enough for every member of your family!

How to choose the right Shoe Rack for your home
Step 1: Take stock of the number of shoes you and your family possess. This will tell you the capacity of the Shoe Rack you need.
Step 2: Decide the look. Would you prefer wooden or metal Shoe Rack? Should the Shoe Rack be colourful or have some neutral tones to match your home?
Step 3: If space is a constraint, you can opt for a wall mounted shoe rack. These are typically slim and compact and don't take up floor room.

Whether you buy a floor-standing shoe rack or a wall-mounted one, ensure that there are ventilation slats. This will prevent the inside of the cabinet from smelling musty, and also prolong the life of your footwear.
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