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We love all our stuff but we also want to make space for even more! It's good if our stuff can be stored somewhere. It's better if the storage hides our messy clutter. It's best if the size is perfect. And really it's bestest if it's affordable. You're in luck!

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Buy Storage online in Singapore


Shop TV & Media Consoles, Sideboards, Bookcases & Shelves, Cabinets & Drawers & Drawers & more Online in Malaysia!

We love our TVs, and we love watching our shows. It is even better if that experience is without the whole mess of wires, random CDs, WII consoles… did we mention wires? TV & media consoles and sideboards with storage are the best thing that man created, after Nutella. Each of our TV units is individually crafted and are multifunctional, with ample storage and display room to show off that CD collection. From sleek contemporary designs to colourful wooden ones there's something for every home. Our selection features a wide variety of storage systems with a compact designs and they are not only perfect for small homes and apartments, but essential for big homes as well.Looking to save space but not sure which type of storage works for you? Fret not!

Types of Storage

TV & Media Consoles and Sideboards: Which is a better fit for your home? They look similar with their short legs and storage compartments but the main difference lies in their height and number of storage compartments. While TV Consoles are usually shorter and wider, and of course, a better fit to rest your TV, sideboards are taller and less wide, with more storage compartments. Using a sideboard to rest your TV is not ideal as the height might be higher in comparison to your room seating.

Bookcases & Shelves and Wall Shelves: Both bookcases and wall shelves are good for basic essentials for every homeowners. Arrange and store your favourite novels, files, papers and textbooks with them. While both types of shelves serves similar functionalities, wall shelves offers the additional option to save the hassle of taking up floor space, perfect for any type of usage, even for hanging towels in your bathrooms!

Cabinets & Drawers and Shoe Racks: Practical and stylish, yet functional in space storage. Be it for you extra clothes, kids' toys or your wife's shoes, avoid tripping over those hundreds of shoes by one simple trick - get a shoe rack or shoe cabinet! Hide your clutters and utilities away with stylish storage systems and keep your house shoes organised and off the floor with something from our shoe racks & cabinets collection.

Shopping for storage furniture is now made easy with our extensive range of products, backed by our free delivery and free returns options. As an online furniture company, we at HipVan take pride and take great care in making great furniture products available to you at fair prices.

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